Reliability Modeling

MoDeCH contributes to customers’ high reliability product designs through our innovative solution to the aging simulation along with the aging model.

Overview of Reliability Modeling

MoDeCH provides reliability modeling services to create SPICE models necessary for simulation of characteristic degradation of semiconductor products. MOSFET characteristics are degraded by HCI (Hot Carrier Injection) and BTI (Bias Temperature Instability). This characteristic degradation causes malfunction of semiconductor products, and it must be taken into consideration when designing products. However, it is difficult to simulate this characteristic degradation. Designing products based on information inferred from measured data or empirical rules leads to excessive design margin and increased chip size. To solve this problem, MoDeCH offers reliability modeling services that provide SPICE models for simulating characteristic degradation, contributing to a better reliability prediction of semiconductor products and optimization of chip size.



Models for Cadence Design Systems "Spectre", Mentor Graphics "Eldo" and Synopsys "HSPICE" available.

Compatible with two types of failure modes for HCI: DAHC (Drain Avalanche Hot Carrier) and CHC (Channel Hot Carrier).

Ability to simulate models combining the effects of DAHC and CHC.

Compatible with typical MOSFET compact models such as BSIM3, BSIM4, and HiSIM-HV.

Developed our original degradation model for LDMOS.

Can be outsourced to MoDeCH from acquiring measured data using our dedicated measurement site

Supported Devices, Models, Simulators

Degradation Modes DAHC , CHC , BTI
MOSFET Compact Models BSIM3 , BSIM4 , HiSIM-HV
Simulators Eldo , Spectre , HSPICE

Simulation Examples