On-Wafer Devices Modeling

MoDeCH contributes to the success of customers through our advanced modeling / measurement technologies and consulting services.

Overview of on-wafer devices modeling

MoDeCH offers not only parameter extraction services of on-wafer devices, but also comprehensive consulting services i.e. TEG design assistance, optimal selection of device model and macro model development according to your request. In addition, we also offer follow-up services to meet your needs after delivery.


In the first stage, we implement TEG design assistance for modeling including the de-embedding of TEG effects.

We also implement modeling services for the state-of-the-art devices, such as high-frequency (>mm wave), high-voltage and high-power devices.

There are many achievements of high precision parameter extraction including global binning and binning correspondence.

Also leave 1 / f noise measurement and modeling to us.

We can offer modeling service for the device during process development.

We can help with cost reduction by using existing customer TEGs as much as possible.

One-stop solution from the measurement and extraction to circuit verification

MoDeCH owns a dedicated in-house measurement site. Advanced measurement services by professional engineers are also available.

Even if you cannot prepare the measured data for the extraction, we can meet your needs to provide measurement services.

We are proud of our reputation for providing exceptional technical support after the extraction.

Devices, Models, Simulators

Devices CMOS/SOI-CMOS/SOS-CMOS , HVMOS , LDMOS/DMOS , IGBT , BJT , SiC MOSFET , GaN-HEMT , HEMT , MESFET , HBT , Polysilicon resistor , MOS/MIM/MOM Capacitor , Spiral inductor , Transmission line/Stub/Coupled line , Diode/SiC Schottky barrier/Fast Recovery , Diode
Models BSIM3 , BSIM4 , BSIM6 , BSIM-SOI4 , HiSIM2 , HiSIM-HV , Gummel-Poon , VBIC , MEXTRAM504 , HiCUM , Diode , EEHEMT , Angelov , Macro model
Simulators HSPICE , Spectre , Eldo , ADS , PSpice , LTspice , ngspice , UCBSpice3f5

Available services

  • DC characteristics​
  • CV characteristics
  • Temperature characteristics
  • Transient charactersistics​
  • 1/f noise, NF
  • High frequency characteristics(S-parameter) up to millimeter-wave frequency (Max:110GHz)
  • Large signal/distortion characteristics
  • Corner model
  • Scalable model
  • Circuit verification