On-Board Devices Modeling

MoDeCH develops all the device models such as discrete components and high performance IC used for on-board circuit designs. Our superior modeling technology supports various types of models such as SPICE, IBIS, VHDL-AMS,etc.

Model On! Search

Try to use “Model On! Search ” to look for models to make the most of your circuit simulation environment. You can search, download, or purchase free or paid models you desire from over 72,000 SPICE models by online.

Wish Models

When you cannot find models you need from our resources, contact us  for the model names or types. If MODECH confirms no such models in any of our resource, we determine the priority based on the needs of many users and add models to the library.This service is free of charge. Note all models you requested are not always added to the library in "Model On! Search".

Customize Models

MODECH can develop any specific models including those for complicated IC parts or special features, upon your request. If you can provide us with any one of data sheets, model names and/or types, your own measured data, or samples of the parts, we can help you to develop what you need. This is a paid service. Contact us with your details.

Purchasing of Paid-models

On Model On! Search, models can be easily purchased the same way you would buy necessities on any E-commerce online shop. All you need to do is to select the device type and other conditions, then click the search button and potentially matching device models will appear on the screen instantly. You can download the model set by placing the desired model in the cart and clicking the purchase button. Model set consists of the parameter list and modeling report.